About us

GR Global Ltd has been incorporated since in June 2017.
We are a multi-disciplinary Company offering services in the Agriculture Sector, Build Environment, Farming, Security, Sanitation, artificial intelligence solutions, technology and biotechnology. The Company was founded by local entrepreneurs to support the social, economic and infrastructure development requirements. 

Join The Next Revolution.

Solar PV cell Manufacturing & Inverter
Biotechnology (Bio Fertilizers production, Mushroom Seeds Production, Bio Fermentation, Bío Detergents for Water cleaning, Bio Reactors)
Artificial Intelligence (Developments and Cloud storing)
Back Office Operations and Software Development
Research and Development (Biometric, Alarms, CCTV)
Assembly & Manufacturing of Electronic Equipment (GPS. Two-way radios, Electrical components, LED lights, Computers, Tablet and Laptops)
Management of properties and Assets


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GR GLOBAL Insights

Labs & Infrastructure

The company have offshore production and R&D units in India and China and a sales office in Mauritius and South Africa.

Unlimited Possibilities
With 50+ Engineers and Research Team
Global Presence
Inhouse supply chain and delivery team.

Exclusive Product

AI GAS Made in Mauritius

GR Global LTD is a highly respected light engineering outfit, manufacturing and supplying gas based products and auto components with complete customer focus.

Best in the idustry
Our assembly sections are well laid out with standard and specially designed and developed facilities for testing of end products like LPG Kits, Industrial valves, Regulator etc.
Service at its best
Maintenance Department carries out periodic preventive maintenance of all the installed machines.